Powerhoop Slim 3lbs/1.4kg, LadyXsize Workout DVD & Bag – Featured on QVC




Powerhoop Slim, LadyXsize DVD & Carry Bag – Featured on QVC 

LadyXsize is a Master Trainer and Product Expert and she has specifically selected this weighted hoop as one of the best entry level hoops on the market. Because of the weight (3lbs/1.4kg) and large diameter Powerhoops are easy to use. The Powerhoop Slim is padded with good quality high density foam, which makes it ideal for new hoopers and more sensitive users. Pre-teens and the active older population should also find this hoop user friendly. This package was originally launched on QVC and later featured in Top Sante Magazine.

What makes this fitness hoop different from many other hoops is that you can remove one of the links and turn it into a seven link hoop. This increases the level of difficulty and the effort needed to get the hoop round. The smaller the diameter of the hoop to waist circumference, the harder it is to spin.

As a Product Expert, the LadyXsize ethos is to find fun, effective home workouts, using a variety of fitness equipment. Why not add this hoop as part of your toning routine, to help slim your waist and target your abdominal muscles. This hoop also offers a complete cardio vascular workout, so getting your heart and lungs working.

Weighted fitness hoops are amazing for toning the abdominal muscles. No need to do a single sit up. Powerhoop’s have been tested and shown to help to reduce waist circumference. With a proven track record and great success stories in her classes, this LadyXsize package is perfect for getting you on the right track. Strong core muscles can help not only with posture, but also spinal stability and stronger pelvic floor muscles.

WorkOut At Home DVD – Volume 1

LadyXsize has adapted the Powerhoop workout specifically with the home user in mind. Using the Slim Hoop, LadyXsize has simplified the Powerhoop Home workout to create a dynamic, fun experience for the home user.

“I came across the Powerhoop when I was making a Fitness TV Product review series. I was so impressed with the results that I became a Master Trainer. I want to share the fun of this wonderful workout with you in my first ‘Workout At Home’ DVD series.”

This fun 40 minute workout is great for new and old hoopers alike. Alongside LadyXsize, Trainers Sheila Frampton and Adka MacPhearson add spice and glamour to the workout. The workout combines Pulse Raising, Muscular Strength and Endurance, using the hoop as a resistance tool, and Hooping.

The DVD features music from The Sophia Syndicate, a dynamic band who have hits that have featured in the Top 10 music charts.

Why not see how effective the hoop is and take part in my 6 week challenge.  Click LadyXsize Powerhoop 6 Week Challenge form to download a form.

top sante logoWhat’s included in this package:-        

      • Powerhoop Slim 3lb weighted fitness Hoop
      • LadyXsize Home Workout DVD
      • Carry Bag
      • How to Hoop DVD


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm