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12 Multi Session Punchcard – Access sessions for a fraction of the Price..

£65 approx £5.50 per class

The Multi Session Punchcard enables you to access any 12 sessions at a cost effective price.
There is also NO BOOKING necessary, so all you have to do is turn up with your Multi Session Punchcard in hand. In addition, any equipment used within the session, for example Mats and gloves, hoops, etc. are all included.

Which sessions can I use the Multi Session Punchcard for?

Sessions at Tanners Wood Hall Sessions included are:-

Rebounding…..  Coming soon on a Monday and Wednesday evening…

Rebounding is a full body cellular and detoxifying exercise and, for some, it is a life-saver. Our body’s natural inclination is to heal itself, internally. Because rebounding strengthens all cells of the body from the inside out, it helps to unlock the body’s power to heal itself.

Rebounding is done on a good quality small circular trampoline called a rebounder.  The best pro-rebounders are extremely low impact and designed to absorb the shock of impact through specially  made high quality springs to protect your joints.  Rebounding sessions typically last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes ReboundUK have designed workouts that are safe and suitable for all abilities, needs and health & fitness goals.  The workouts focus on cardio, strength and core, and sports specific routines.

Mums Bums Tums… Coming soon

This workout is ideally suited for school mums and carers looking to get fit with a class that works at a time to suit. This session created by LadyXsize, comprises of a combination of fitness disciplines including aerobics, hoop, dance, hiit, Boxing and Pilates. There is always something exciting and new in the session. Now there is no excuse to keep on the weight accrued after childbirth. The class is scheduled so there is no need to go home after the school run, just come straight to the session. Doors open at 9.15am. Sessions officially start at 9.25am and end at 10am, leaving plenty of time to get home and have a bit of me time before the school gates open again after 3pm.


This class is an exciting mix of Merenge, Reggeaton, Salsa, Rumba and a host of Latin vibes for an hour of full on Zumba. If you are looking to downsize in the New Year, this session is guaranteed to make you sweat. Work hard in this session and you could burn in excess of 800 calories and the best bit about it is you won’t even realize you are doing it. This is a fun dance based session ideally suited to those who are looking to work hard and play hard. It’s is ideal for all levels of fitness, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Zumba Gold

Unlike full on Zumba, Zumba Gold is adapted to suit active older adults as well as those who have been out of exercise for a while. It is also great for assisting with rehabilitation after certain injuries and an excellent post pregnancy workout. Or perhaps you have gained a few pounds and just want to get back into shape but feel uncomfortable with too much jumping up and down…

If the above sounds like you, then Zumba Gold is created with you in mind and is a gentler approach to Zumba. It is cardio-vascular exercise, which means it works your heart and lungs, which in turn can help to lower blood pressure, improve overall fitness and muscle tone, as well as burning serious calories in the process. So come and join us and make a change in your life.


Powerhoop is the latest fitness craze to hit the UK and it is set to be a big hit as hoopers all over the country lose inches off their waist using this hoop. A study has proved, just 15 minutes a day is all it takes. Why not join the LadyXsize 6 week Powerhoop challenge and see how many inches you can lose. The results are astonishing. On average hoopers taking part have lost between 2 and 6 inches round the waist, with an average of 2 inches off the hips. Hire of the hoop is included with your Punchcard and hoop are also available to buy in class. Lose inches, tone your tummy and have fun!!

 STOTT Pilates

This is perfect for body conditioning and will help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips and back. This class will help spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or centre, and improve coordination and balance. Exercises can be modified in range of difficulty from beginners to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. Improve your muscle tone. This is a very popular session.

Hiit & Body Conditioning

This session comprises of high intensity workouts that help you transform your body in a short space of time without the use of weights. Using maximum interval training, you work in 3 – 5 minute blocks and take breaks only long enough to take a few breaths, before you get right back to work. This keeps your body working at maximum capacity throughout the workout, pushing you to your limits. Your body is forced to adapt and that’s how you get ‘insane’ results.

How long is my Multi Session Punchcard valid for ?

Your 12 session Punchcard is valid for 4 months from date of purchase. Your 24 Session Punchcard is valid for 6 months

Bring a friend week

Every now and again we have “Bring a Friend Week” and you can bring up to 3 friends to use up any of your remaining sessions. During ‘Bring a friend week’ is the only time where you may transfer your sessions for others to use.

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We have a strict policy that Punchcards must be brought to every session, failure to bring your punchcard will result in having to pay for the session.

The 12 Multi Session Punchcard is valid for 4 months from date of purchase. Unused sessions will be lost.

This Punchcard is non-transferable (unless otherwise stated) and has no monetary value

This Multi Session Punchcard cannot be used for Yoga, Dance Aerobic Tone and Thai Chi.

LadyXsize Ltd reserves the right to amend course dates and session times.

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Any 12 Sessions – Valid for 4 months