LadyXsize Powerhoop Home Workout DVD


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WorkOut At Home РVolume 1

Fitness Product Expert and Master Trainer LadyXsize has adapted the Powerhoop workout¬†specifically with the home user in mind. Using the Slim Hoop, LadyXsize has simplified the Powerhoop Home workout to create a dynamic, fun experience for the home user. As a Product Expert, the LadyXsize’s ethos is to find fun, effective home workouts, using a variety of fitness equipment.

“I came across the Powerhoop when I was making a Fitness TV Product review series. I was so impressed with the results that I became a Master Trainer. I want to share the fun of this wonderful workout with you in my first ‘Workout At Home’ DVD series.”

This fun 40 minute workout is great for new and old hoopers alike. Alongside LadyXsize, Trainers Sheila Frampton and Adka MacPhearson add spice and glamour to the workout. The workout combines Pulse Raising, Muscular Strength and Endurance, using the hoop as a resistance tool, and Hooping.

The DVD also features music from The Sophia Syndicate, a dynamic band who have hits that have featured in the Top 10 music charts.